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Optimising your business by:


Honing management skills

People generally go into a business because they have a dream to do what they enjoy and what they are good at.

A business owner may be extremely proficient at their trade or profession, but the demands of the business mean they need to hone a whole new set of skills and knowledge to grow the business.

Challenging the business and ideas

The old saying “two heads are better than one” is directly applicable to business.  Even the best entrepreneurs and business leaders use a mentor to challenge their initiatives and have a sounding board to bounce new ideas off.

Keeping you on track

To get fit and stay fit you may use a Personal Trainer to help you set goals and achieve them.  Kestrel Solutions is like having a Business Trainer to help you refine and develop your skills, set business goals and stay on track to achieve them.


Let’s have a chat over a coffee to discuss how we can help you optimise your business performance.cup of coffee

Business Review
Diagram of business improvementJust how is your business going? Do you know where your business is really at? Are your financial statements prepared just for the ATO, or do you use this information strategically?

We check the financial position and operational performance against industry benchmarks to gauge performance. If there are issues or areas for improvement, we offer a detailed investigation of issues and causes and provide clear, achievable steps to get back on track.

Phase 1: The first phase is a short, quick review of a business, looking at its financial position and performance, to identify the key issues that are affecting the company’s performance and viability. The review will assess the company’s financial position and its solvency, and will identify areas that require further investigations.

Phase 2: The second more detailed phase will give you a thorough understanding of where you are Now and probe you on where you want to be. It will identify areas that you can capitalise on and those that will need adjusting to achieve your goals. From here you will have all the info you need for strategic planning.

Benefits of a Business Review:

  • A quick and low cost review to identify key issues
  • Assesses the company’s financial and operational position
  • Identifies ways of improving the business’s performance
  • Develops short term corrective strategies for improving performance or dealing with issues
  • Provides a path for future success
Strategic Planning
This is an organisation’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.


We make strategic planning practical and less complicated by providing the tools, processes and coaching to guide organisations of varying sizes across many industry sectors.

Through a process of real-world diagnostic methods, a simple, relevant and achievable one page plan is designed and implemented to help you get there.

  • Refine your sustainable competitive advantageGame plan sign
  • Define a vision for the future
  • Plan in a logical, straightforward way
  • Create a one-page plan of tasks & timings
  • Enable regular reviews

Defining your Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Strategic SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning provide the framework to achieve your strategic goals.

This process has shown to be of great value to businesses seeking to grow their profits.

Coaching and Implementation

Being a business owner can be lonely.  Who can you vent your frustrations to?

Who can help you set clear, strategic goals and keep you accountable to achieving them?

Like Personal Trainers we train owners and staff to set and achieve business and personal goals by creating and implementing action plans and applying optimal business skills.

Kestrel Achievers is a unique coaching program which provides a customised environment which assists business leaders and owners with: 

  • Increasing capabilities and skills
  • Experienced advice and support
  • Regular implementation training
  • Structured strategic planning forums
  • Powerful business tools and methodologies
  • Staying on track and being accountable for progress
  • Experienced sounding board for key issues
  • Articulating & focusing on a clear future vision
  • Improving communication & time management skills
  • Reducing unnecessary stress & increasing productivity
  • Networking with other business owners


“Coaching offers the chance to visualize your highest goals and stay on track to achieve them.” – Central New York Business Journal

Profit Improvement

It is very likely that there are inefficiencies and waste in your business — and it’s no one’s fault.


Waste elimination can be one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in businesses, whether it is private sector, government or not-for-profit organisations.

Studies have found that waste can be as much as 30% of the operating costs of a business.

Imagine making a better profit without relying on increasing sales.

This is all about…“doing more with the same resources”

Rather than the traditional approach of…“doing the same with less resources

This is not about:

  • Cutting costs
  • Reducing head count
  • Slashing marketing spend
  • Increasing workloads
  • Allocating blame

The Benefits of this approach are:

  • Increased Profit
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved staff morale
Risk Free Guarantee!



If we don’t find our waste audit fee TEN-FOLD in potential cost savings – there is no fee !

Operational & Financial Turnaround
Helping-HandSometimes businesses have slowed or are heading in the wrong direction. Often owners realise this but are uncertain of what course to take


We are able to identify causes of financial stress, devise strategies to turn under-performing businesses around and help owners, managers and others deliver improved financial performance.

  • Is your business generating the amount of profit it should?
  • Is it running as efficiently as you would like?
  • Are you happy with the level of cash flow?
  • What about your business keeps you awake at night?

Our simple, proven method removes guesswork, provides analysis of current position and develops plans to achieve the best outcomes.

What this means for your business…

  • Stay In control
  • Continue the business
  • Protect your reputation
  • Retain staff & preserve value
  • Optimise returns to all parties

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