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Kestrel Solutions actively contribute towards building a better business community by assisting businesses improve their performance, transferring knowledge and skills as well as providing coaching and support to business owners.

Our consultants, experienced in business, banking and accounting, collaborate with you and your business to achieve optimal performance returning outstanding business and profit growth.

How We Help Your Business

Kestrel Solutions offer tailor made programs to suit your size, need and level of support


Know where you are Now and Where you want to be.  We check your current business performance both operationally and financially and provide you with a detailed analysis including insights into underlying causes of any issues in your business.  We work with you to identify best courses of action to improve, rectify or modify where the business is heading.


Using a range of tools and workshops, is How we help you to identify strategies and action plans to optimise performance and start soaring towards your destination.


Planning is easy compared to implementation.  Think of us as your personal trainer for your business.  We will work with you to stay focused, accountable and motivated as you and your team implement action plans to achieve your goals.


Optimising your business means reducing waste.  Kestrel Solutions facilitate finding sources of waste and help set plans that minimise it, improve efficiency and have a lasting and valuable effect on the bottom line.


Sometimes businesses have slowed or are heading in the wrong direction.  Often owners realise this but are uncertain of what course to take.  Kestrel Solutions work rapidly to identify current position and develop plans to ensure you and the team are back on track. 

Steps To Success

Our simple, proven method removes guesswork and looks at your business truthfully.
In a logical, four-step process we:

Step 1: Plan

Where are you Now, Where do you want to go and How are you going to get there.


Establish Strategic, Marketing, Financial, Operational, Sales and Human Resources Plans.

Step 2: Construct

Using proven methods and tools, help you build individual and team capabilities, processes and systems that you need to achieve your vision.

Help you establish training, support leadership, undertake waste audits, review technology and operations.

Step 3: Execute

Don’t just plan it – Do it.

Help you establish actions, timing, goals, KPI’s and most of all – accountability through regular coaching and support.

Step 4: Review

Every good plan requires constant small shifts to stay on course.

We help you check progress regularly against goals and KPI’s, reset or refine initiatives and keep moving forward.

Want Better Profit and Growth?

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Allkind Joinery and Glass is an established and progressive prestige timber joinery based in Brisbane.  I have found the years working with Kestrel Solutions very pleasing and a significant contribution to the success of our business.  Having Kestrel Solutions by my side gives me extra motivation to soldier on and come up with new plans and strategies to improve our business.  In terms of mentoring, it is great to have someone to talk with and keep us accountable for progress.  Without Peter Lucas’ involvement, we might have made critical decisions that were not justified or well thought through. The tools from Mindshop are very useful and have not only improved my decision making and business thinking but I have also taken them back into the business and use them with my teams to improve their abilities and outcomes.  The Kestrel achievers forum is a great source of sharing and identifying some new ideas with other business leaders especially when discussing how others have implemented performance and profitability improvement into their business. 

Richard Travers

Director, Allkind Joinery and Glass

Peter Lucas from Kestrel Solutions recently provided consulting services to help us address some challenges in our business. Over the years I’ve worked with many business consultants- both alongside them as a marketing consultant and as a client receiving the benefit of their services. We wanted to find a solution to some issues that were limiting our profitability and growth. Peter clearly understood our business and the challenges we were faced with. Sometimes as a business owners we can get bogged down in the detail which makes it difficult to look at the big picture or consider different solutions. Peter helped me look at the issues from a different perspective. His recommendations focused on the biggest priorities and were very practical. He is a good listener and a very generous hearted person. At all times, it felt he was genuinely interested in helping to improve my business. If you are looking to grow your business and work through some challenges, I would thoroughly recommend Peter. I have started implementing Peter’s recommendations and I look forward to working with him again as I am confident Peter can help me to continue to evolve and grow a more profitable business. Thank you Peter! 

Maria Anderson

Director, Sustainable Marketing Service

Due to a major account discrepancy, we found we owed the Australian Tax Office over $400K. Kestrel Solutions negotiated a repayment program with the ATO and developed the turnaround plan to help us trade out of the difficulties. They continued to support us after the assignment and remain a ready source of advice. I have no hesitation recommending Kestrel.  They care about their clients, give down-to-earth advice and go the extra mile.    

Peter Hogan

Former President, Tweed Heads Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Supporters Club Inc

Working with Kestrel Solutions has been invaluable to me personally, my team and my business. The greatest discovery for our team through Kestrel’s Time Management business coaching was that the biggest barrier to getting more efficient is yourself!  In order to help achieve our ambitions and goals, the first thing we needed to change was our attitude and actions to a belief that anything is possible if we want it bad enough.


Matthew Andrews

General Manager, Pivotal Financial

Kestrel Solutions offer Business Performance Improvement,

Profit Improvement and Business Coaching Solutions

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