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  • Owning and running a business isn’t always plain sailing. Despite the best efforts of captain and crew, the sea is full of surprises. We’ve seen many firms go down, with no survival or rescue plan.
  • By combining our business coaching expertise with award-winning tools and processes, we help business owners chart the right course, reap favourable winds and plan for harsh conditions.
  • The result? Peace and prosperity for you and your company.


Our simple, proven method removes guesswork and looks at your business truthfully.
In a logical, five-step turnaround management process we:

Step 1: Define

Define performance problems



Step 2: Scope

Scope strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Step 3: Link

Link optimised strategy to tactical plans.


Step 4: Implementation

Implement coaching and support for you and your team.


Step 5: Review

Review progress data and refine elements.



Turnaround Management and Business Coaching Solutions


We identify causes of financial stress, devise strategies to turn under-performing firms around and help managers and others deliver improved financial performance.


We make strategic planning practical by providing the tools, processes and coaching to guide organizations of every size and sector.


We quickly check financial position, operational performance and viability. If there are problems, we conduct a detailed investigation of issues and causes.


We hunt for every source of waste, then set a plan to minimise it. By improving efficiency, this process is more profound, lasting and valuable than a simple cost-cutting exercise.



We train owners and staff to set and achieve corporate and personal goals by creating and implementing action plans and applying optimal business skills..


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In running three stores, I had high expenses and bad debts. Though I trimmed and made hard decisions, some problems remained. I knew what they were, but I didn’t have the expertise to solve them. Kestrel’s honest, practical advice helped me restructure. Now I have a great business. It’s important to seek help when in trouble and I happily recommend Kestrel, who I still use as a sounding board.

Paul Barry

Proprietor, Paul Barry Menswear

Due to a major account discrepancy, we found we owed the Australian Tax Office over $400K. Kestrel negotiated a repayment program with the ATO and developed the turnaround plan to help us trade out of the difficulties. They continued to support us after the assignment and remain a ready source of advice. I have no hesitation recommending Kestrel to people in financial difficulty. They care about their clients, give down-to-earth advice and go the extra mile.    

Peter Hogan

Former President, Tweed Heads Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Supporters Club Inc

On buying a manufacturing firm, we realised quality and output had to improve. We engaged several experts to assess our systems and implement change, but to no avail. Our error was to isolate areas we thought needed work, rather than view the firm as a whole Then came Kestrel, who looked at what we were, where we wanted to be and what we had to do to get there. Unlike the other experts, Kestrel provided a complete, hands-on business solution with up-to-date tools. Had we found Kestrel sooner, we’d have saved even more time, money and stress.

Gordon McKenna

Director, Wicker Australia Pty Ltd

Kestrel Solutions offer solutions for Turnaround Management and Business Coaching Brisbane wide

We also provide services in South East Queensland and regional areas

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